Is there room in your heart and home for one of our dogs?

There is no greater gift you can give a German Shepherd than your love and loyalty for a lifetime. They will give you nothing less in return.

Adopting a German Shepherd is a lifetime commitment. Each rescue dog has his or her own story, history, and issues. Some have been dumped in shelters, found roaming the streets, neglected, abused or simply need a new home due to the loss of a beloved owner.

We make every effort to match our rescue dogs with the best possible and compatible forever homes. To help ensure a successful placement, we work with our applicants and adopters to answer questions before, during, and after each adoption. If you are reluctant to keep your dog during good times and bad, during household moves, or family changes, our rescue dogs are not for you.

If you are ready to open your home and heart to one of our beautiful dogs and to give them their very own "happy ever after home", please fill out and submit our Adoption Application Form here.

Adopt a German Shepherd dog


Gorgeous four year old Bonnie is a pedigreed Swiss Shepherd.

She is extremely gentle.

Bonnie is a lovely girl who gets on well with other dogs.

She is shy when meeting new people, especially men,

so she needs an understanding family who will support her.

Bonnie needs a family where someone is home most of the time,

or the company of another dog.

Adopt a German Shepherd dog


Introducing the gorgeous 3-year-old Ravyn.

Ravyn can do "sit" like a pro, but needs an owner who will teach her the other stuff too 😄

Can you tell she loves to play?

She walks quite well on the lead except when she gets excited about going back home.

She is gentle with people.

She has never been with children or cats.

She would fit into a home either with no other dog or a calm male dog.

Adopt a German Shepherd dog


Kaiser is a very big, playful puppy who is 15 months old.

He is a pedigreed boy who loves kids.

Kaiser's floppy ears have never stood up but we think that makes him look like a giant teddy bear :)

He is a chewer of shoelaces and a destroyer of toys consistent with his age.

Kaiser will benefit from a calm owner, who will commit to his ongoing training,

and will work on gradual socialisation in a controlled environment.

Adopt a German Shepherd dog


Beautiful Willow is a three year old pedigreed girl.

Her father is Grundelhardt True Blood (Koda), her mother is Grundelhardt Roxy Music (Roxy).

Do you enjoy obedience training?

Willow is a responsive, intelligent and very trainable girl.

She needs more training to walk well on lead.

Willow is anxious due to having being left alone outside,

and is currently reactive to other dogs as she has not been socialised.

With love and patience, Willow will make a lovely companion.


Remember Elle, now aka Ellie? She is still looking for her forever home despite all the awesomeness you are going to see if you watch her video.

Since the photos don't do her justice, we thought we would try something else.

Yep, Ellie is uncertain around dogs she doesn't know, and yep, she needs to be inside if you can't be with her, but her love for people and her intelligence more than make up for that.

If you think Ellie could make your family whole, please complete an adoption application here.

PS. We apologise for the Blair Witchiness of this, we are not cinematographers.

PPS. We do not apologise for the pink . . . although maybe the hibiscus on the ear was a bit too much.