Is there room in your heart and home for one of our dogs?

There is no greater gift you can give a German Shepherd than your love and loyalty for a lifetime. They will give you nothing less in return.

Adopting a German Shepherd is a lifetime commitment. Each rescue dog has his or her own story, history, and issues.

While sometimes we have rescue dogs who have been loved all their lives and simply need a new home due to the loss of a beloved owner, most have not been so lucky. Some dogs have had an unhappy past - dumped in shelters, found roaming the streets, neglected or abused. Most are in need of additional training and many are reactive to other dogs due to inadequate or non-existent socialisation. Most of these dogs need an experienced handler.

Please be aware that if you have very small children and other pets, it may be difficult for us to match a rescue dog to your needs, although some dogs have lived with a cat.

We make every effort to match our rescue dogs with the best possible and compatible forever homes where they are able to reach their full potential. To help ensure a successful placement, we work with our applicants and adopters to answer questions before, during, and after each adoption. If you are reluctant to keep your dog during good times and bad, during household moves, holidays or family changes, our rescue dogs are not for you.

If you are ready to open your home and heart to one of our beautiful dogs and to give them their very own "happy ever after home", please fill out and submit our Adoption Application Form here.

If one of our dogs is a match for your situation, we will contact you for a property inspection prior to arranging a meet with you and our rescue dog. It is not a 'first come first served' situation - we go through all current applicants on our waiting list to find the very best match for each dog. Please note that some of our dogs are able to be matched to adopters already on our database, so please register your application with us.

Adopt a German Shepherd dog


Robbie is 18 months old, a happy, loving and playful dog and he loves toys.

He has not been trained and is basically still a large puppy, so he still jumps up, mouths gently, and needs more lead training.

He is good with other dogs and friendly with children but is currently too boisterous.

He is not suitable to live with a cat as he chases them.

Robbie has been left outside on his own almost all of the time and barks to fill in his time.

He needs companionship and being allowed indoors with his owner.

Robbie is desexed, vaccinated and microchipped.

Adopt a German Shepherd dog


Koda is a beautiful eight year old German Shepherd boy.

He will make the perfect companion for a family who are home all the time with him.

He wants to be with you inside and out and sleep with you at night.

Koda responds well to commands and has obedience training.

As a result of an incident in puppyhood, he is initially nervous with a new dog, but once he has become comfortable, he plays and socialises really well.

He goes down the beach and plays ball with other dogs around without noticing them.

Koda has been around kids and lots of people all his life.

He has not been tested with a cat, but has been fine when supervised with free ranging chickens.

Adopt a German Shepherd dog


Shelby is a lovely three year old girl with a long stock coat.

She has been living outside on a large block with a younger GSD boy.

Shelby needs a home with older kids who she can't accidentally knock over :)

She may be happy to live with another dog, but that would depend on the meet.

She also needs an an adopter who will groom her regularly and continue to work on her weight loss with regular exercise and a good diet.

Shelby is desexed, vaccinated and microchipped.

Adopt a German Shepherd dog


Heidi is a very handsome six year old ex RAAF GSD girl.

She is currently living with an 11 month old baby with whom she is very gentle.

While Heidi is friendly with small dogs in the home, she is not getting on with one of them.

Her owner is keeping them separate and reluctantly feels that she needs a new home.

A knowledgeable home with no other dog and no cat would be a good match for Heidi.

She is desexed, vaccinated and microchipped.

Some of our happy dogs who have been given a loving forever home

Dogs whose owners we have helped with training, advice or fostering

German Shepherd Dog Rescue South Australia Inc. charges a fee to cover costs involved with the adoption process. The adoption fee varies with individual dogs. Half is paid as a deposit and the balance is due when the adoption is finalised.

You can pay your adoption fee by direct debit through your bank account. Bank details for German Shepherd Dog Rescue South Australia are: Beyond Bank BSB 325 185, account number 03629202.

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