Is there room in your heart and home for one of our dogs?

There is no greater gift you can give a German Shepherd than your love and loyalty for a lifetime. They will give you nothing less in return.

Adopting a German Shepherd is a lifetime commitment. Each rescue dog has his or her own story, history, and issues.

While sometimes we have rescue dogs who have been loved all their lives and simply need a new home due to the loss of a beloved owner, most have not been so lucky. Some dogs have had an unhappy past - dumped in shelters, found roaming the streets, neglected or abused. Most are in need of additional training and many are reactive to other dogs due to inadequate or non-existent socialisation. Most of these dogs need an experienced handler.

Please be aware that if you have very small children and other pets, it may be difficult for us to match a rescue dog to your needs, although some dogs have lived with a cat.

We make every effort to match our rescue dogs with the best possible and compatible forever homes where they are able to reach their full potential. To help ensure a successful placement, we work with our applicants and adopters to answer questions before, during, and after each adoption. If you are reluctant to keep your dog during good times and bad, during household moves, holidays or family changes, our rescue dogs are not for you.

If you are ready to open your home and heart to one of our beautiful dogs and to give them their very own "happy ever after home", please fill out and submit our Adoption Application Form here.

If one of our dogs is a match for your situation, we will contact you for a property inspection prior to arranging a meet with you and our rescue dog. It is not a 'first come first served' situation - we go through all current applicants on our waiting list to find the very best match for each dog. Please note that some of our dogs are able to be matched to adopters already on our database, so please register your application with us.

You can read our Adoption Policy here.

Adopt a German Shepherd dog


Dixee is a beautiful two and a half year old German Shepherd cross Husky girl.

She needs a forever home with a family who can be with her most of the time.

She bonds very strongly with her humans and just wants to be with them.

She is happy to sleep inside and play with her toys in the garden.

She has lived with another dog and a cat and usually ignores other dogs on walks.

Dixee is desexed, vaccinated and microchipped.

If you have already sent us an adoption application, no need to reapply. Just let us know you are interested by emailing us at

Please submit new applications here.

Adopt a German Shepherd dog


Odin is a very handsome pedigreed, fourteen month old GSD boy.

His family are moving interstate and cannot take Odin with them.

He is very excited to see new people and still jumps up on them so needs more training.

He also barks at new dogs until he knows them and settles down.

Odin needs a family with no other dog, no cat, no small children and who will train and exercise him.

He is vaccinated, microchipped and his desexing will be part of the adoption agreement.

Adopt a German Shepherd dog


Gunner is a lovely boy, only two and half years old.

His family have changed circumstances which mean that Gunner needs more company and exercise that they are not able to give him.

He lives happily with three children of varying ages.

Gunner is well-behaved and walks well on the lead, only getting a little excited at the sight of other dogs.

He played with a kitten when he was younger with no aggression but was a bit too boisterous.

Can you offer Gunner his loving forever home?

Adopt a German Shepherd dog


Do you want a big beautiful and friendly GSD boy to be your companion?

Beast is an eight year old, pedigreed GSD who is looking for a new home through no fault of his own.

His family love him but unfortunately a family member has developed an allergy to his hair.

As a result he cannot be inside the house and his family feel that is not fair to him.

Beast is very friendly to all people and children and loves playing ball.

He is not keen on other dogs and has never been with a cat.

His ideal home will be one with no other dog, with a large garden and where he can come into the house with his family.

He is desexed, microchipped and vaccinated.

Our thanks to Humans and Hounds photography for the photo of Beast.

Adopt a German Shepherd dog


Alina is two years old, a most beautiful GSD girl.

Her family recently had twin babies and were finding it very hard to cope with all of their household.

Alina is a very cuddly girl who is friendly to people and children.

She has lived with another large male dog but is now dog reactive so a home with no dog or cat is needed.

She needs a garden with high secure fences and where someone is home most of the time.

She is desexed, microchipped and vaccinated.

Adopt a German Shepherd dog


We would like you to meet this most beautiful pedigreed GSD boy, Bruno, who is fourteen months old.

He has been surrendered by his family and is finding life very sad at the moment.

He needs a loving forever home, possibly with a female dog, but no cats or small children.

Bruno walks well on the lead and is a loving and well behaved boy inside the house.

He is vaccinated, microchipped and his desexing will be part of the adoption agreement.

Some of our happy dogs who have been adopted to loving forever homes

Some of the dogs whose owners we have helped with training, advice or fostering

German Shepherd Dog Rescue South Australia Inc. charges a fee to cover costs involved with the adoption process. The adoption fee varies with individual dogs and is shown in the adoption agreement.

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