1. GSD Rescue SA Inc. aims to rehome all suitable dogs in its care.

2. GSD Rescue SA Inc. may deem some dogs unsuitable for adoption due to health and behavioural reasons.

3. Desexing, microchipping and vaccination may need to be done, depending on the circumstances in which the dog came into the rescue. Veterinary exemption will be needed for dogs under eighteen months old, or with age or health considerations.

4. In most cases, we act as a rehoming service and the dog will go directly from the previous owner to the adoptive home.

5. When dogs first come to us they often require a great deal of love, understanding and training and may go into foster care before being adopted to their permanent home. Foster carers provide the care they need to make up for their start in life. Foster carers are given the first option to adopt a dog that they have spent time with.

6. All potential adopters will undergo a screening process involving an interview and property check by whatever means is deemed necessary according to location.

7. Dogs will only be offered for adoption to owners whom GSD Rescue SA Inc. believes can provide for the needs of the dog during their lifetime.

8. Dogs adopted from GSD Rescue SA Inc. will always be accepted back without question. Where possible we ask adopters to contact us first in the event that they are no longer able to keep the dog.

9. GSD Rescue SA Inc. will not place female dogs in adoptive homes with another resident female. Triggers of aggression can be particularly difficult to predict and observe in female dogs. Unlike male dogs together, or male and female dogs, fighting between two female dogs is often intense and seemingly unprovoked. The prognosis for female dogs who have been involved in aggressive incidents with another female in the household is also poorer than with males, with a high likelihood of repeated incidents and increasing severity.

10. GSD Rescue SA Inc. will not place rescue dogs in a situation where they are expected to guard commercial property, isolated from a family environment.

11. GSD Rescue SA Inc. reserves the right to set an adoption fee for all dogs. Donations and fees that come into our rescue are used to cover many costs, including, but not limited to, vet work, public liability insurance, volunteers insurance, website and software fees, dog food, training, behavioural assessments, transport, office expenses such as postage and printing.